Craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are the core values of our refined and timeless brand.



Our history began during the Second World War, when our grandfather Marino, then a paratrooper, after seeking refuge in a shelter, used his torn parachute to sew two shirts for himself and his friend.

From there, the intuition of creating and sharing two common values, the passion for work and the love for family, was born.

The company’s first shirt factory, founded in Castellana Grotte in Puglia in 1960, soon became an effervescent centre of professionalism and experimentation.

Grandmother Maria, Marino’s wife and expert embroiderer, in collaboration with her sister Aunt Anna, equally expert in cutting and sewing, managed several young women eager to learn a “trade”, leaving the technical and commercial part to our grandfather.
Decades passed, then our father Domenico, who had grown up among fabrics, neck models, needles and the scent of steam just sprayed from irons, decided to continue the family tradition, bringing innovation whilst broadening his horizons, transmitting his passion and his work abroad, always proud of his motto:

“I like what is beautiful!”


Every day, our goal is to achieve perfection with our nine stitches per centimetre seams, always up-to-date fit, and obsessive control of the shirt before it is delivered.

His enthusiasm and his example have pervaded us, his daughters, who for years have supported him in the company; what for us and all our collaborators is a second home, so much so that we learn every day from each other, transforming this passion into a lifelong project.
This “healthy work” concept has led us to prefer craftsmanship to new machinery, which miserably replaces human work.

We chose the hands and hearts of the people who collaborate with us in the aseptic technology of machines.

We firmly preserve human values, and we believe in relationships. Each of us, with our own contribution, the experience of many years of work and the awareness of creating “what is beautiful”, enters the shirt and transforms the fabric into that shirt that everyone would like to wear: the shirt in which the innovation of materials, the creativity of human minds and the skillful work of hands, are interwoven in a story that bows to the past and winks to the future, because “What is beautiful has no end”

Monica e Mariangela Mazzarelli


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