Each shirt is produced as a limited edition, cut and sewn in all its components by our seamstresses’ expert hands.


In an increasingly frenetic world, Italian tailoring represents a break, a return to the roots of fashion, an experience that celebrates art and tradition. The beauty of Italian tailoring is in the smiles of our customers when they wear a Mazzarelli garment and feel special.

The beauty of craftsmanship connects us with the past as we embrace the future. At Camiceria Mazzarelli we continue to create this beauty, presenting the art of Italian tailoring to the world. The feel of the fabric on the skin, the perfect fit, the buttons in natural mother-of-pearl, and the hand finishing: our shirts offer a remarkable manufacturing quality that represents the luxury to wear.


From the selection to the cut of fabrics, from the stitching to the finishing of the garment, each of our shirts is entirely handmade with passion as a pure expression of Apulian art and craftsmanship.

Paper patterns are arranged on the washed and ironed fabric, and the pencil shapes are drawn; expert hands guide the iconic tailor’s scissors to carefully cut out the pieces that will be transformed into art. Then we move on to the assembly work: hand ironing the right and left fronts of the shirt, the seam of the label on the yoke, and the shoulder seam.

The placket is attached to the sleeve, creating, thanks to the expertise of our seamstresses, an arrow shape. The two fronts are sewn to the yoke, stitched and double-stitched by machine or hand. The seaming of the sleeves with our artisanal system is in three phases: seam and stitching for the closure of the sides, seam and stitching of the sleeves and subsequent assembly of the sleeves to the armhole of the shirt with seam and double stitching by hand.

This operation allows us to get the best possible perpendicularity on the sleeves, which is fundamental for a shirt of the highest level and with an excellent fit. As for the construction of the collars and cuffs, we use non-deformable canvas cut according to the model to be made; then, we create the collar stiffeners sewn into the collar.

We move on to the buttonholes and buttons, all in real Australian mother of pearl, and after removing the remaining threads, the stitching to the sleeve placket and the fly for the closure of the sides is completed by hand. Finally, the finished garment goes through quality control and is then ironed before being packaged by hand.


Since 2020, Camiceria Mazzarelli has also dressed women with a collection of tailored shirts made with high-quality fabrics and variegated models, which allow the reinterpretation of the male wardrobe’s iconic garment with a touch of style.
The idea comes from wanting to propose a line of shirts to wear at different times of the day: from work in the office to an aperitif with friends or for an elegant occasion. Our collections are innovative and designed for a contemporary woman who still likes that touch of romance. Our timeless collections are for women of all ages who love to play with fashion and want to express their personalities.

You can find the Mazzarelli women’s collection in the best stores in Italy and the world.


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