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Between pins, needles, meters and fabrics, the beautiful materials of Thomas Mason and Alumo form shape and soul.
Choosing a tailored shirt by Mazzarelli means wearing a model created and fitted exclusively to one’s physicality.
We will keep your measurements to give you the chance to choose fabrics and receive shirts anywhere in the world.
To find the retailer nearest you, write to info@camiceriamazzarelli.it or shop on our website.


Collection of classic garments, made with the best Italian and Swiss fabrics (T. Mason, Sic Tess, Alumo) and suitable for the man who wants to be impeccable from morning to evening.


Collection of garment-dyed shirts with a solid, bon ton and elegant style.


Collection linked to the world of denim and delavé fabrics. You find the same harmony and simplicity as in the other Mazzarelli collections.

Made in Italy Craftsmanship

Turning beautiful fabrics into refined shirts is our signature of Italian craftsmanship.

Direct communication with the company

Please, send all the questions you want, we will respond to all your requests.

Custom tailored shirts

Become the architect of your desires, and we will make a shirt that can talk about you.

Speed of delivery

We guarantee the arrival of the goods in the sales points within ten working days.