Our story

Craftsmanship, tradition, and heritage are the core values of our refined and timeless brand.

In 1960, Camiceria Mazzarelli was founded by Marino Mazzarelli in Castellana Grotte. The brand was born of a small artisan workshop which produced men’s shirts. In time, Mazzarelli became known all over the world, appreciated for its top-quality fabrics, elegant style, and sartorial accuracy.

Produced in limited supply, each shirt is a masterpiece handmade by Mazzarelli seamstresses.

The shirt’s sides are closed with english seams, the cuffs and collars are individually cut, and the sleeves are basted and sewn by hand. In Mazzarelli's sixty years of operation, "we have never lost the thread." For three generations, we've faced the challenges of contemporary life and changing times with sacrifice and passion, and we’ll never cease channelling our experiences into new ideas.