Production Process

Passion for Excellence

Every single piece is hand-cut and chalked out, in accordance with the symmetries of the fabric patterns and the various parts of the shirt, then assembled thanks to the skill of our seamstresses.
Our artisanal method to tailor along the seam of the sleeves takes place in three stages: sewing and riveting along the seam of the hips, sewing and riveting sleeves and subsequent assembly of the sleeves to the armholes of the shirt with hand-stitching and riveting. This procedure permits to obtain the best sleeve plumb-line possible.

All the details, including collars and cuffs, are individually hand-cut. The canvas is first fixed with pins on the fabric and then trimmed, all the hills are available with removable splints.
Every single seam of the shirt is made by a nine points per cm needle.

Italian craftsmanship

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